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new debPresumably you are trying to find a therapist suited to your particular needs. I want to help you make that important decision by being as open as I can be about myself and how I work.

People come to me for many reasons having to do with their work, personal growth and relationships. Some need powerful techniques such as EMDR or Hypnosis to help quickly eliminate a specific problem.  For some, the need is for long-term Psychoanalysis or Psychodynamic therapy for deep inner healing and change. For others, it is support during a time of deepening spirituality. Each person’s needs are unique, and I try to find what works for the individual.

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About Dr. Farnsworth

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I am a licensed psychotherapist and psychoanalyst in Orange County, CA, serving the cities of Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Laguna Beach and Newport Coast.   I work in long and short term therapy with couples and individuals who struggle with depression, anxiety and marital issues.   Most change is not easy and yet I am inspired each day by the courage and motivation of my clients to challenge negative patterns, the trauma of the past, and the problematic issues of daily living.

No matter what the issue is, marital difficulties, past trauma, or grief and loss the most important aspect of therapy is having a comfortable and trusting relationship with your therapist and I strive to provide that for each of my patients.

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My Approach

swirl squarePsychotherapy is successful when you achieve the goal you have set out for yourself. Perhaps it’s relief from acute symptoms such as anxiety, depression or binging and purging. Or maybe it’s breaking a cycle of unsuccessful relationships or jobs. I want to help you make the changes you feel you haven’t been able to make on your own—to help you stop doing things that are self-defeating and start living a more satisfying life.

To make this happen, you set the agenda.  After initial sessions devoted to your background, your reasons for seeking psychotherapy, and your goals for treatment,  I want you to speak freely

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