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Psychoanalytic Supervision and Consultation

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Much like psychoanalysis, psychoanalytic supervision is an art. It can be a transformative relationship and a valuable experience.
For candidates in psychoanalytic training, supervision can be the crucial integrative experience of the candidate’s education, bringing together both the didactic analytic curriculum and the personal training analysis. The supervisory relationship offers the candidate a forum in which to explore his or her evolving understanding of the relationship of clinical work and analytic theory, to learn analytic skills, and to have an important mentoring and modeling opportunity, all of which are aspects of the candidate’s developing analytic identity.
For psychotherapists, analytic case consultation provides another view into their patient, their clinical work and themselves. Analytic theory can open new ways of thinking that help the clinician understand unconscious and developmental processes that may be impeding the patient’s progress and the therapist’s feelings about themselves and their work.
I offer both individual and group consultations. I enjoy the process of working together on clinical material and helping clinicians to hone their skills and perfect their art. I am a training and supervising analyst which means that I have met the requirements to supervise analytic candidates and to conduct training analyses.

Here is what I offer:

Supervision for MFT Interns and Trainees

  • Intern supervision
  • Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy trainings
  • Ongoing Psychoanalytic Case Conference groups

Supervision for licensed therapists

  • In private practice or clinic settings

Supervision/Training analysis for candidates in analytic training